Saturday, 22 February 2014

26 miles

Lyrics to a song I wrote and hope to record....

Thirty years ago, I saw it on TV
When he dipped his foot, right into the sea
He was just a boy, acting like a man
Escorted out of town, by a yellow van

I’ll tell you what it means, to be all alone
A lonely West Coast boy, three thousand miles from home
30 days of rain, all along the way
26 miles he ran, each and every day


What I didn’t know
What no one dared to say
He might not make it
Might not make it to Thunder Bay

Sometime in July, on highway sixty nine
Headed up to Timmins, when we passed him by
Collecting money, from beside the van
I reached out the window, threw a dollar in the can


I still see him now, always on the run
A forever memory, forever twenty one
Heroes don’t come easy, it takes a lot of might
They sometimes win the battle, and sometimes lose the fight

What I didn’t know
What no one dared to say
He never made it
Never made it past halfway

(But the)The whole world knows your name today

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